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PDF Format - How to Guides: Season One Painting Tutorial Collection - Nine Tutorials

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Buy this bundle and save big! Ten Dollars off when you up your Warhammer 40k or Miniature painting game with this collection of very helpful PDF Painting Tutorials full of insightful information.

This bundle includes the following tutorials:

1. How to Guide: Chipping, Streaking Grime and Rust Streaks

2. How to Guide: Introduction to Oils (oil painting with Abteilung502)

3. How to Guide: Blood for the Blood God 

4. How to Guide: Zenithal Highlighting

5. How to Guide: Building Display Bases

6. How to Guide: Wave Serpent Part One

7. How to Guide: Wave Serpent Part Two

8. How to Guide: Wildfire Taurus 

9. How to Guide: Basilicanum Statue

10. How to Guide: Painting Display Bases

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