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Zatcaskagoon Miniatures

Abteilung 502 - Choose Your Set

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Vehicle Weathering Set ABT302 includes:

ABT001 Snow White

ABT080 Brown Wash

ABT093 Earth

ABT125 Light Mud

ABT130 Dark Mud

ABT160 Engine Grease


Mapping Technique Lights and Shadows Set ABT303 includes:

ABT002 Sepia

ABT035 Buff

ABT050 Olive Green

ABT092 Ochre

ABT155 Light Sand

ABT170 Light Grey


Rust and Red Colors Set ABT304 includes:

ABT003 Dust
ABT004 Bitume
ABT060 Light Rust
ABT070 Dark Rust
ABT090 Industrial Earth
ABT120 Red Primer
Leather and Wood Colors Set ABT315 includes:
ABT004 Bitume
ABT006 Burnt Umber
ABT020 Faded Yellow
ABT025 Warm Red
ABT080 Brown Wash
ABT092 Ocher
Fantasy and Sci-Fi Colors Set ABT310 includes:
ABT500 Gundam Blue
ABT505 Coagulated Blood
ABT510 Starship Filth
ABT515 Turquoise Lights
ABT520 Dead Flesh
ABT525 Ghost Grey
Flesh Colors Set ABT301 Includes:
ABT015 Shadow Brown
ABT135 Light Flesh Tone
ABT140 Basic Flesh Tone
ABT145 Sunny Flesh Tone
ABT190 Faded Flesh
ABT215 Flesh Shadow

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