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Legio Emblems, Griffonicus HH War Griffon (PRE-ORDER)

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Your purchase will include three small and three large heat form-able emblems. 

Legio Emblems are designed in two sizes , 2 inch and 1.5 inch, to fit Knights and Titans of all patterns! 

This product is delivered as a "raw cast" directly out of the mold so there will be additional work needed such as sanding. 

There will be no resolution lines or air bubbles, guaranteed.  

These expertly crafted Emblems are professionally 3D modeled in ZBrush and printed on a Formlabs, Form2 printer.

After printing and cleaning they are then pressure cast in Smoothon 65D, a durable resin that can be heat formed so that your emblems can be fit on any convex surface. 

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